October FITaos “Letting Off STEAM” fall after school programs!

FIT is offering special fall after school and out-of-school programs with the goal of giving your children some much needed, energizing fresh air, engaged fun, outdoor learning, and time with peers! The programs will change in one month blocks to serve different age groups and offer various topics.

These sessions are offered in one month blocks so we can be adaptable to changes in school schedules as well as State requirements. Of course, we will continue to follow COVID Safe Practices so please only sign up if your child qualifies under the health screening questions. Most importantly, no out of state travel in last 2 weeks (except to states approved by NM), no symptoms, and hasn’t been around anyone with symptoms.
Space is VERY LIMITED as we are keeping our group sizes very small for your safety. We have tried to keep pricing as low as possible but, as always, scholarships are available.
If you have a request or suggestion, please let us know!



Monday/Tuesday 4-6pm Grades: 2nd and 3rd Letting Off STEAM! Instructor: Cass Location: meets at Base Camp with some excursions to nearby trails (August 31-Sept. 22) Please sign up for either Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday

Thursday/Friday 4-6pm Grades: 2nd and 3rdLetting Off More STEAM!  Instructor: Cass Location: meets at Base Camp with some excursions to nearby trails (Sept. 3-25) Please sign up for either Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday

Tuesday/Thursday 3:45-6pm Grade 5th Mountain Explorers Instructor: Malia Location: meets at Base Camp and goes to trailheads via van (Sept. 1-24).

Wednesday: 4-6pm Grade: 4th, 5th, and 6th Nature Art Outside 
Instructor: Malia Location: Meets at Base Camp (Sept. 2-23) For children who really want to dive deeper into creating nature-themed art outdoors.

Wednesday: 4-6pm Ages 10-12 Mountain Bike Club
Instructors: Susie, Sean, Boden Location: Meets at a different trailhead each week (Sept. 2-Oct. 7)

Sundays: 9am-3pm Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th Mountain Adventures Instructor: Malia Location: meets at Base Camp and explores local trails (Sept.6-27) For for our most adventurous and physical 4th-6th graders who really want to get out and explore!