Team FITaos

Team FITaos



As part of our environmental recreation activities, Field Institute of Taos has established Team FITaos, an all-ages and abilities, inclusive local cycling team. Team FITaos offers all team members opportunities to experience interpersonal growth, social development, improve physical and mental health, and develop skills for participation in a lifelong activity contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Through education, training and competition, Team FITaos provides a fun, supportive environment focused on mentoring youth, families, and individuals. Team FITaos promotes a positive image for Field Institute of Taos and all Team FITaos sponsors.
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You may sign-up and join the team anytime. 

Please plan on coming to the Spring 2024 Bike Swap at Field Institute of Taos Base Camp! SUNDAY APRIL 28 FROM NOON UNTIL 4PM

We hope to see you at the Annual Team FITaos Meeting/Party date TBA. Bring your paperwork to sign up and get your jersey, meet other riders, and plan for a great season.


Team FITaos:

  • is an inclusive program spanning all ages, abilities, and a variety of cycling disciplines (including mountain, road, and gravel)
  • encourages participation and recognizes that successes come at every level of riding and competition
  • is designed to promote the enjoyment of cycling in a fun, supportive group atmosphere
  • aims to introduce cycling and racing to all ages through education, events and development of essential skills, which promote road and trail safety and encourage enjoyment of the sport, especially in the Taos area
  • supports and encourages youth, family, and individual participation in cycling for the promotion of physical fitness and teamwork as well as mentorship opportunities
  • encourages those who race at any competitive level to achieve their personal best through training and participation as part of a team
  • supports USA Cycling, Inc. and its affiliated organizations through paid membership and participation in sponsored events