After School Bike Club

After School Bike Club

Spring 2024 dates and details are HERE!
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Mark your calendars for the FITaos SPRING BIKE SWAP Sunday April 28, 2024 from NOON until 4PM at BASE CAMP.


The Field Institute of Taos offers after school mountain bike programs for local youth (ages 8 and up). Sessions consist of a blend of environmental education, safety, fitness, and biking skills. Topics include bike maintenance, trail use and access issues, team work, fitness, nutrition, hydration, first aid, and fun. These exceptional and worthwhile programs give youth a safe, active, fun outdoor experience.

Program leaders are Susie Fiore (Director of FITaos since 1996, former professional mountain bike competitor and coach) and Sean Cassily (FITaos Assistant Director and mountain bike Head Coach). Our entire team of coaches and assistant coaches are experienced and make riding FUN! We all really enjoy getting kids outside riding and having fun together. The skills our young riders learn will help them explore the surrounding areas and develop a passion for a sport that lasts a lifetime. Through this program, we help youth develop the necessary skills and attitudes to safely explore, through recreation, their own physical abilities as well as the natural world around them while making well-thought-out, intelligent choices. In today’s world of serious national physical and emotional health issues like obesity, diabetes, anxiety disorders, and heart disease, we believe that these programs are critical.

If you are no longer a kid but want to be involved, consider volunteering to ride with the groups or become a coach. Remember what it’s like to ride and play like a kid! Contact Susie for details.