School Programs

School Programs

Welcome to our EdVenture Program for Schools!

Field Institute of Taos (FITaos) offers an innovative program that gives students and teachers a unique experience bridging the classroom and real life in an exciting outdoor setting. We are a professional, established non profit organization that has been providing environemntal education opportunities since 1996.

FITaos utilizes the outdoors as an arena where diverse lessons are conducted utilizing multiple learning methods. The program enables students to participate in active hands-on activities including simulations of historical events, natural resource surveys, and games embellishing science concepts as well as physical and mental challenges. These experiences will ultimately address the whole student and their growth.

Carefully planned activities will enable individual students (amongst their peers) to embrace concepts of environmental and social matters with more depth. The small student to teacher ratio (12:1 day trips) provides an excellent sense of connection and necessitates teamwork in an outdoor environment. FITaos programming is flexible to the needs of each school with regard to focus, schedule, sites, cost and participant numbers.

Focus Areas

Field Institute of Taos acknowledges that formal education has to meet many needs and that it is the responsibility of the teacher to accomplish as well as balance these various goals. Our programs will compliment and enhance the school curriculum. Our intent is to formulate individualized programs that will satisfy and grow all participants as well as the community and world that supports them.

The program focus areas can be adapted to embellish classroom concepts previously addressed or soon to be introduced. In addition or as a sole focus, students can be completely immersed in the “big picture” of their environmental and social roles. The focus may be the choice of the teacher planning the outing or, after a consultation with FITaos, we will happily design and conduct an amazing custom program within the parameters you set with us.

Our programs are aligned with many New Mexico State Standards including Standards in Visual Arts, Career Readiness, Health Education, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies (Geography and History).

Listed below are some examples of possible program focus ideas. Possibilities are unlimited. Any combination of the listings is possible.

Cultural History
Ecology & Ecosystems
Natural History
Natural Processes
Natural Resources
Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Skills
Physical Education
Teamwork & Leadership
Water Quality

All programming is conducted in a safe, cooperative, experiential format engaging two or more senses of the student at any given time.


FITaos will conduct programs of various durations half day (3-4 hours), full day (5-7 hours) and multiple days. In addition to day programs, expanded overnight camping experiences can be integrated into the program. Please contact us to meet your scheduling needs.


FITaos is based in Taos, NM. The areas in and surrounding Taos offer an ideal and varied outdoor classroom. Rivers, streams, mountains, valleys, and mesas can be explored via numerous trail systems managed for public use by the BLM and Forest Service. Additionally, these sites provide perfect opportunities for camping trips and nocturnal exploration. FITaos is not tied to one location so it is with ease that our educators can use sites that are more local to each school.

Cost and Participant Numbers (please contact us for more details)

FITaos is a nonprofit organization committed to active hands-on learning being made available to ALL. The cost of our program is a reflection of our dedication to providing these opportunities to all students while covering our expenses. Costs cover the basic components of our programs without sacrificing the quality of the program’s staff, transportation, and safety. If scholarships or grants are needed, we may be able to assist your school in obtaining those funds.

Program costs vary for half day vs. full day vs. overnight programs and for up to 12 students vs. up to 24 students. We may be able to accommodate a classroom of more than 24 but special arrangements will need to be made. Please contact us so that we can coordinate staffing needs appropriately.

Costs are all-inclusive and covers planning and preparation, pre-trip materials, trip lead instructors, program materials, use of FITaos equipment, and transportation. Overnight experiences are available with an additional fee (to cover additional cost of food and extended programming). This fee is dependent on number of students.


The above information is a brief overview of our academic FITaos EdVenture school program. For more information on our organization, staff, philosophy, grants, scholarships, and other programs, contact Community Programs Coordinator, Cass Landrum, via telephone (505) 261-5050 or email Thank you for your interest!

Participating Schools

Taos Area:
Anansi Charter School, Enos Garcia Elementary School, Questa Junior and Senior High School, Ranchos de Taos Elementary, Taos Academy, Taos Charter School, Taos Cyber Magnet School, Taos Day School, Taos Integrated School for the Arts

Beyond Taos:
Colorado College (Colorado), Logan School (Colorado), Nature’s Classroom Montessori (Wisconsin), Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma), Rocky Mountain Expeditionary School (Colorado)