Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders

Last year we truly missed having Youth Leaders participate in our camps and we are happy to share that we will be hiring a limited number of Youth Leaders for 2021 programs! We are not able to hire any Youth Leaders this summer who live outside a 50-mile radius from Taos. Please click HERE to view our most current Health and Safety Protocols. 

Applications are due by April 30 this year. We hope you are part of our team in 2021! Click HERE for more information and to download applications!

THANK YOU 2019 Youth Leaders! We couldn’t do it without you and it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun. We had a record 56 incredible young people work and inspire others in our summer programs in 2019.

2019 Junior Counselors

The best of the best, these young people make sure things get done in a fun, safe, FIT sort of way.

Juniper Cortopassi
Cobin Hall
Ben Hastings
Aidan Heflin
Daisy Kirshbaum
Peyton Lacy
Jonathan Lucero
Lilu Marchasin
Finn McMullin
Helena McMullin
Isabella O’Donnell
Declan O’Leary
Jaimie Ritchie
Lily Sanborn
Kira Seckler
Nate Steinberg
Goldie Vinella
Robbie Wooldridge
Timmo Wooldridge

2019 Counselors In Training

They have shown leadership qualities and are stepping into a role as mentor to younger children.

Dylan Abrums
Sophia Abrums
Ella Aquino
Jasmine Brady
Angie Burns
Col Cassily
Elsie Clayton
Selene Duran
Eliza Earl
Sage Esaili
Marielle Gomez
Anna Hastings
Helen Henry
Harper Higdon
Rowan Higdon
James Kelcher
Greta Klinkmann
Ari Kolman
Perry Kushner
Josie Leeson
Peter Liebman
Sophie Liebman
Oz Leshem
Asher Maddox
Amelia Martinez
Roman McAdams
Niamh McCutcheon
Helena McMullin
Angie O’Leary
Tatyana Quintanilla
Wren Robinson
Arwen Scarlata
Despina Sfris
Kaitlin Sutberry
Michaela Trivino
Sol Valdez-Little
Mia Van Willigen

For more information about becoming a Youth Leader or to apply, click here!