Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders

Our Youth Leaders are the BEST and we can’t wait for another great crew in 2023! 

Applications are due by April 3, 2023. We hope you are part of our team! Click HERE for more information and to download applications! 

Please click HERE to view our most current Health and Safety Protocols. 

THANK YOU 2022 Youth Leaders! We couldn’t do it without you and it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun.

2022 Junior Counselors

The best of the best, these young people make sure things get done in a fun, safe, FIT sort of way.
Jasmine Brady
Aricela Chavez
Isla Chavez
Marielle Gomez

Helen Henry
Harper Higdon
Rowan Higdon

Ava Kaelin
Greta Klinkman
Niamh McCutcheon
Helena McMullin
Ozias Miller
Tatyana Quintanilla
Jamie Ritchie
Sol Valdez-Little
Hanna Weinman

2022 Counselors In Training

These young mentors have shown leadership qualities and are growing as they step into a role of inspiring younger children.
Vincent Brady
Judah Bromley
Col Cassily
Elsie Clayton

Ava Cohn
Lee Crowley
Dusty Elsasser
Olive Galer
Paxton Henry
Madolin Hoover
Willow Kircher
Amaya Laabes
Flora Mack
Salome Miller
Bernice O’Reilly
Olin O’Reilly

Spyridon Stonn
Kiana Swim
Abby Thornton
Sofia Trevino

Sam Villarreal Y Montoya
Stolle Wannamaker
Mara Williams

For more information about becoming a Youth Leader or to apply, click here!