FITaos Mountain Camps

FITaos Mountain Camps

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Based in Taos Ski Valley since 1996 and designed for youth entering first grade and up, our outdoor education camps focus on active, hands-on learning experiences. Throughout each of the two-week day camp sessions, we focus on several different themes (archaeology, river ecology, wildlife biology, orienteering, etc.). We explore each theme and our surroundings through hikes, field notes and drawings, organized activities, art projects, and games. The older children’s two-week sessions include overnight camping trips. We also offer one-week sessions that include backpacking trips, extended camping trips, mountain bike adventures (both local and beyond) and special topics.

Observation, teamwork, and problem solving skills are developed in an exciting, fun, and creative outdoor learning environment. Children are always encouraged to share their knowledge and discoveries with the group. Days are spent primarily outside (weather permitting). Guest presenters join us throughout the summer. Volunteers, Counselors In Training, and Junior Counselors assist the groups. We take field trips beyond Taos Ski Valley at least one day per week.

Each day begins at the Field Institute of Taos BASE CAMP (9 D. Ben Romero Road in El Prado) and heads out on adventures from there. Check in time for most Summer 2021 sessions was at 9:00 a.m. daily. We will announce 2022 hours when registration opens. Thanks for your patience! Please make sure your child arrives on time so we can get the day started. Most sessions return between 3-3:30 p.m. and all children must be picked up at this time. You will receive details about drop off and pick up times for each session.