N.O.T. School

N.O.T. School

Nature Out There Program

N.O.T. School is an exciting program for students that takes place outside of school hours. This program is a unique blend of environmental education and outdoor adventure that is fun, educational, and physically challenging. We thoughtfully engage students while exploring connections to the natural world through active, hands-on activities.

Topics include: Outdoor recreation, natural and cultural history, community, ecology, natural processes, teamwork and leadership and more.

Activities may include (weather permitting): hiking, mountain biking, sledding, and more.

Programs can be half day, full day or after-school and generally happen once a week for 4-8 weeks.

The age range for each program generally is a 3-4 year span to encourage team work and mentorship.

We can create a custom program for any group of youth who have a common block of time available.

There is a cost involved for these programs that varies, depending on duration and activities. Transportation to and from all activities, instruction, preparation, materials are all included. Sometimes the cost is covered by a particular school while other times parents cover the cost per child.

These programs can be totally customized for a group, if desired and require a minimum of 8 students.

Our Program Leaders are energetic, highly qualified, experienced environmental educators and outdoor adventurers.

Scholarships are available.


The above information is a brief overview of our FITaos N.O.T. School program. For more information on our organization, staff, philosophy, grants, scholarships, and other programs, contact Liana Sonne via telephone (575) 779-6693 or email programs@fitaos.org. Thank you for your interest!