Voices for Biodiversity Features FIT’s Young Nature Photographers!

Do You See What I See
a photo gallery of selected youth nature photos from Summer 2017 was just published on the Voices for Biodiversity website.

Though every photo in our youth nature photo exhibit is amazing, CONGRATULATIONS to the young photographers (ages 6-14)
whose work was selected for this honor!

Dylan Abrums (age 12)
Jasmine Brady (age 9)
Danika Braun (age 6)
Kaitlin Covert (age 11)
Eliza Earl (age 11)
Marley Gharrity (age 12)
Shane Good (age 10)
Liyah Greenvald (age 7)
Louis Hay (age 12)
Helen Henry (age 12)
Cyrus Irion (age 6)
Noah Joseph (age 9)
Jacob Krause (age 10)
Shintaro McFarland (age 6)
Ozias Miller (age 10)
Marcus Muñoz (age 6)
Jaimie Ritchie (age 14)
Despina Sfris (age 12)
Mia Van Willigen (age 11)

Please click HERE and be carried away by the beauty of the photos and words of these children.
I promise their perspective will make you smile and believe in our future.

Thank you to Kira Sadler, Co-Director of Voices for Biodiversity for making this a reality. “I am so excited about this gallery. The kids you work with are amazing! Such inspirational young environmental stewards and incredible photographers. I feel so honored to be able to share their perspectives and it is so wonderful to see this come to fruition after talking about it with you,” said Sadler.

Lead Instructor and Program Coordinator, Malia Reeves, had this to say, “These kids are AMAZING! It’s the little changes in the little people that are going to protect and preserve our future.”

Please stop by Field Institute of Taos Base Camp to see a selection of our 2017 Youth Nature Photo Exhibit!
Feel free to drop in any time the gate is open.