Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders

THANK YOU 2016 Youth Leaders! We couldn’t do it without you and it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun.
To apply to work in 2018, click HERE. Applications are due by April 1.

Junior Counselors

The best of the best, these young people make sure things get done in a fun, safe, FIT sort of way.

Joe Colonius
Madison Davisinger
Bridger Fiore
Daisy Kirshbaum
Eliana Lerman
Jazlyn Lynch
Austin O’Connor
Haley Rach
Erin Robersion
Zoe Urban
Nathan Wooldridge
Robbie Wooldridge
Timmo Wooldridge

Counselors In Training

They have shown leadership qualities and are stepping into a role as mentor to younger children.

Selina Bayles
Jonah Bromley
Aricela Chavez
Rozy Colonius
Juniper Cortopassi
Adelaide Driver
Ben Hastings
Sam Hastings
Arin Kolshorn
Perry Kushner
Sasha Kushner
Peyton Lacy
Finn Lindholm
Lilu Marchasin
Alina Moore
Trempealeau Morninglight
Isabella O’Donnell
Cameron Olsen
Jaimie Ritchie
Lily Sanborn
Kira Seckler
Jackson Shiver
Michael Vigil

For more information about becoming a Youth Leader or to apply, click here!