2022 Ride the Rift Cancelled

Weather or not…

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, no matter how much preparation is done…

Due to very wet, muddy trails at Rift Valley and a forecast of continuing rain and cold temps throughout the day, we have been forced to make the incredibly difficult decision to cancel our 2022 Ride the Rift event. This is the first time in 8 years we have had to cancel and, though it is so disappointing, we will never complain about weather because we cannot control it. Sometimes an amazing, outdoor event is planned on what turns out to be the one and only cold, rainy day for weeks and the rain decides to fall hardest on the event trails and, well, there’s just nothing that can be done. 

Ride the Rift is such a fun event promoting community and responsible trail use and, though some area trails are rideable in wet conditions, these trails are simply not (clay). Tents, heaters, and rain jackets are great but they will not protect the muddy trails (or our bikes). 

We are so grateful for EVERYONE involved. THANK YOU TO:
*the simply AMAZING and GENEROUS LOCAL SPONSORS who covered the many costs of planning and hosting this free community event
Taos Tennis
Taos Community Foundation
Ski Taos
Sol Luna Solar
Humble Brands
Taos Sports Alliance

Cid’s Market
Taos Mountain Bike Association
Boot Doctors
Cottam’s Ski Shops
*the LOCAL SPONSORS who donated free product to give participants:
Taos Cow
Taos Bakes
Taos Cyclery
Taos Search and Rescue

*the fantastic RAFFLE PRIZE DONORS
Ski Taos
New Belgium Brewing
Taos Tennis
Enchanted Forest XC Ski Area
Mountain Skills
Humble Brands
*the many, many COMMUNITY MEMBERS (over 45) who VOLUNTEERED to work the event
(far too many to list but you know who you are);
*the FITaos Board of Directors and staff who step up every year to make this event what it is:
*all the RIDERS OF ALL AGES AND ALL ABILITIES who planned to ride and celebrate with us today;
*all the HIGH SCHOOL and MIDDLE SCHOOL MTB TEAM ATHLETES (36) and THEIR FAMILIES who worked hard to raise funds and were ready to put in a big day of riding today in support of their team;

*and ALL the family members and friends of the team athletes who donated to the team in support of these athletes. 

Many of the sponsors, donors, and volunteers support this event year after year because they BELIEVE in FITaos and in getting kids outside.

We have decided to continue selling raffle tickets for one more week and postpone the drawing until Monday October 24th. With today’s event canceled, we still have 200 tickets to sell. Stay tuned for details on what time the drawing will happen.

The fundraising pages for the high school and middle school athletes will stay open and active through Monday October 24th, as well.

The talented, enthusiastic young riders on our team have some big races the next two weekends (Colorado League State Championships and New Mexico State Championships) and will roll with their characteristic determination and the strength of so much community support.

All of us from Field Institute of Taos will miss seeing your smiles today. So, figure out a way to layer up and get outside anyway but choose higher elevation trails that are still useable when wet. Heck, you may even get to play in the snow! This is Northern New Mexico and we will have many more days of good riding as the snow begins to fall high in the mountains. 

Thank you and we look forward to better luck and a fantastic event in 2023 and we hope you will all be there with us!