I Play Outside at Home Activities for Everyone!

NEW ACTIVITIES! We miss you all so much and are sending virtual hugs and high fives! We care deeply about the health and safety of each one of you. We hope you are finding the silver linings of the current global situation as you stay close to home, physically distance from those outside your immediate family, and take other safety precautions for your health (wearing a mask and washing your hands). There is so much to be grateful for each day as our perspective shifts and we learn to appreciate the simple things in life.

We hope to be able to play outside with you again soon but in the meantime, we will offer ideas for activities you can do to connect with nature outside at home, no matter what your age. Please check our Facebook page or click the links below to find a PDF for each new idea.

Right now, it is important that we stay close to home. Here in the Taos area, we have so much nature waiting for us to explore, right outside our homes. Wherever you live, the natural world is right there…outside. With practice, your observation skills, creativity, peace, and sense of connection will improve.

Please share your favorite moments and photos with us so we can share with our community.! Tag us @fitaos96 with #FieldInstituteofTaos and #IPlayOutsideAtHome. We are all in this together on one planet. Let’s practice taking care of ourselves, the natural world, and our communities. Play outside!

So far we have shared topics including making a Field Journal, finding a Secret Spot, taking the I Play Outside Pledge, logging your progress, playing Spring-O, a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt, and a Seasonal Safari. Come along on this journey with us by clicking the links below!

See you outside!

Activity Six – Complete the FITaos GRATITUDE SCAVENGER HUNT! Explore gratitude and nature.

Activity Five – Go on a Seasonal Safari! Use your observation skills and notice the changes.

Activity Four – Play SPRING-O! Look for signs of spring.

Activity Three – Take the I Play Outside Every Day Pledge and Log your progress

Activity Two – Intro to Secret Spots

Activity One – Make a Field Journal